Sunday, March 16, 2014

Japanese Kit Kats Review

The fact is you like Japanese Kit Kats. A million flavors are possible, and they change from season to season. A rainbow of awesomeness. Here's my treasure trove I squirreled away in 2013:
So here is:
* Matcha with Sakura
* Matcha
* Strawberry
* Yatsuhashi (those cinnamony cookie things in Kyoto)
* Roasted Green Tea
* Dark Chocolate/Adult
* Blueberry Cheesecake
* Passionfruit (also adult line).
Some of these came from a former coworker who went in early Summer, some from when I went in the Fall.
There's actually only a few that are really milk or dark chocolate. It's mostly white chocolate so you can get the subtler fruity/desserty/beverage flavor.

Kit Kat Review:

Roasted Green Tea: A creamy, distinctly tea flavor. Like black tea, which shouldn't be surprising, because black tea is roasted, I think. Novel in that it tastes right, but not my favorite.

Blueberry Cheesecake. Kinda a bit on the fake side, and just okayish. Fake cheesecake is never all that great a facsimile. Blueberry is subtle and meh.

Yatsuhashi: One of my favs. Tiny crunchy yatsuhashi cookie pieces, nice balance of cinnamon. Excellent flavor and texture.

Strawberry. After you try the first one and say, oh yes! Strawberry! Then it's a little plain. Just okay for me. Maybe they should have called it "Strawberries and Cream".

I think this one is the Matcha and Sakura one. Slighly lighter in color, and the matcha might be toned down just a little bit so the slightly sweet/fruity sakura can play. I can't say, "Wow, this is so sakura here," because I never had the real deal. Is it suppose to be cherry-y? Pretty subtle, whatever it is.

One of the Otona/Adult flavors. It's a little darker and has a fine sandy texture, which sounds bad, but I really love it.One of my favs. After all that sweet white chocolate, it's a nice change of pace back to the heart of chocolate.

Passion Fruit: Like the other Otona/Adult one, it has a sort of sandy finish, which I still love. And the flavor is awesome. I love passion fruit flavor. Tangy like a sophisticated pineapple. This is great.

Matcha: It's one of the best sellers, and the reason is that it's good. Matcha has a definite green tea flavor that you don't have to replicate. It's there, and you know who's boss. Mossy musky bitter green tea meets creamy, sweet, crispy Kit Kat. It's all good.

I can't help but continue to look for more and more flavors. Another one of my favorites, not shown, is the dark honey/molasses flavor. I hear apple is really good, and that always makes an appearance, I think. I always wanted to try pumpkin, too. I regretted trying Wasabi, but I wouldn't mind some of the weirder ones, corn or soy sauce or ginger ale.
Oh yeah, and I really want to try this one!:
Yaki Kitto Katto!? Baked Kit Kats?? Yeah!
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