Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Garden of Words

46 minutes, but it packs a punch. Not in a Trigun blazing guns or Girls und Panzer tank driving girls kind of way, but in a roooooomance way.
Boy meets woman, woman drinks beer with chocolate, boy dreams of being a shoe designer and yet is completely heterosexual. The age difference is an interesting element in this romance, and I have a thing for anime with any arts/crafts/hobby element, even though the shoe thing is not an essential part.

Anyway, tight story, and the high school guy is pretty rock solid cool in a I-can-tell-you-I-love-you-without-breaking-a-sweat kind of way.  Just look at him eating omrice with a grown woman like it was just another day.

I like that in the end, there is a disclaimer about the park. It’s a fictional story, but a real park, so they felt you needed to know that the beer-and-chocolate thing is strictly prohibited.
In conclusion, I think this movie should be called "In the Garden of Feet."

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