Saturday, November 23, 2013

Socks, Glorious Socks

One thing we noticed as we popped through department stores in Japan: socks. Socks everywhere. Nerdy anime character socks and nifty waffle weave, wool blend, heather green socks.
 Socks with toe gloves, like:
Since my toes aren't all that ">o< ka.wa.i.i." as seen above, I opted for a less cute variety.
I wore these with my black work shoes, which were nice, except lefty kept wanting to shift a little. Anyway, it's important to look really cool at work.
It's also important to step up on things and bend you knees any chance you get at work, because otherwise, you're just a person with invisible socks, and that's not cool.
Also, Japan is no stranger to the take-off-your-shoes policy in the home, in the temples, at school, and anywhere there may or may not be a tatami within 5 meters of your feet. You gotta look good out there. People can see your socks.
And tabi socks. Those are meant for the tradition type of sandals or, as this Floridian says, flip flops.
Even though I'm never going to wear socks with flip flops in the summer (Florida summers: March through October), and I don't really wear kimono, I can't help but like those 2-toed socks. I had to buy a couple.
Here's my horde from the trip :
A little bit of everything. There's even one with an angora-blend material. Anyway, trust me, you need to buy some socks if you go to Japan.

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