Sunday, May 20, 2018

The List: The Oddball Things on My Souvenir List

Souvenirs, Snacks, and Not-Available-in-US Items That I Need or Just Yearn For:

[This List Will Be Added On To Over Time]

1) Facial Masks- Actually come in handy, and such a variety...
2) Kairo for warming of hands. Wonder if there is an opposite...a cool pack.冷却シート or 冷やし
3) Pens, highlighter, thumbtacks, stamp/tape - Also Brush and marker style. Sekaido or Itoya Ginza
4) Eye drops (Santen Fx Neo, Ro-to Dry Aid, Ro-to Lycee, Ro-to Gold 40, Ro-to Cool 40, Soft SanTear (good with contacts in), Sante PC)
5) Stapless stapler?
6) Senbei from everywhere
7) Cat toy if there's anything unusual...
8) Blank kanji grid notebooks
9) Kanji workbooks for kids/simplified
10) I'm well stocked with Japanese socks...but there is room for more.
11) 3DS games in Akihabara (used)
12) Amazake
13) Dried Yuba 湯葉(kanji for dried might be 干)
14) Big Bean Choco with Black Kuromitsu- dried sweet snack
15) Facial cleanser like Rosetto green cleanser, Shiseido Perfect Whip, or Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clean Powde, and or the Soy Milk Isofurabon cleanser.
16) earrings- satellite shop?
17) BB cream dr jart, radiance, premium, silver
18) soft/silicone keychain (small)
19) Nivea Sun Protect Super Water Gel SPF 50/PA+++ (Face & Body)

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